The new house

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Model Apartment – October 2018

Work in Progress – July

Work in Progress – May

Work in Progress – March

Best apartment habits

Buying an apartment is a big decision. And once you’ve found the right apartment for you and comfortably moved in it’s best you make an effort to make your life in the apartment special in every way. Whether you are in a luxury apartment in the city, a small apartment, or a suburban flat make sure to follow make simple additions to your life at your new place.

  • Use it a place to spend time with your family & friends – Most people go out to meet family and friends. Why go out if you have a spacious apartment that is located in a prime location. You can invite everyone for a great time at a great location.
  • Keep it clean – All luxury apartments whether furnished or unfurnished have tiled floors properly done roofs high-quality windows and doors as well as best kitchen and bathroom accessories and fittings. Therefore cleaning is easy and it’s something you should never avoid.
  • Make decor personal & cozy – While some tend to go overboard when decorating their apartment, make sure to have a classy personal touch when you arrange yours.
  • Have plants – Green can add a natural touch to anything. Buy some beautiful indoor plants for your apartment and make sure they are properly maintained. If you have an apartment with an open balcony have some in there too.
  • Make time for exercise – Do not stay inside watching tv or sleeping. Get out of your apartment and do some exercise. And you are in luck if your apartment comes with a fitness centre / pool etc. make the best use of them. stay fit.

And if you are still looking for an apartment, so you can get a kickstart in your new lifestyle. Find your perfect apartment at